Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Panoramic View Of Singapore
The views from one of the highest buildings is simply magnificent. Apart the great views of the East Coast to the Singapore Flyer, it reinforces something Singaporenas forget, that we are living on an island surrounded with blue waters.

East Coast Park Beach
The long stretch of beach in the East where Singaporeans & now even tourists come to play & have fun!

East Coast Park Hawker's Centre
This is the place that offers a full range of local Singapore food/ delicacies without burning a hole in the pocket... and at the same time eating with the seabreeze & seaview.

Singapore's Christmas Decorations (2007)
From Orchard Road to every other mall, this is really the best time to visit the island city... truly, it's Christmas in the tropics!

Singapore Christmas (2008)
This year's theme is a Sweet Christmas... and a sweet Christmas it is indeed!

Bazaar During Fasting Month: Geylang Serai

The 'mother of all pasar malams' come to live selling all sorts of goodies - from clothes to food & more!

Chinatown Singapore
Not really the image of modern city Singapore, but nevertheless this site is still in the heart of the city... giving a twist of old and new.

Singapore's Popular Claypot Rice
The wait for 40 minutes says it all.

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