Monday, August 21, 2006

Hi, welcome, and be inspired :)

Hello there... rather new to this, hence it maybe a lil awkward for the start haha.

Actually, at first, I don't know why I created this blog... but I guess this place should be a medium for me to express myself, my business, and 'livelier' side of me... a less formal site as compared to the main website of my business.

Although in life, there are many ups and downs (and I have my fair share of both), however, I plan to focus only on the happier side, as not to dwell into the problems, but to move ahead. So here is a place where there will be only 'goodies' haha :)

And I do hope that in my writings, I will be able to inspire myself (you know the more 'good stuff' we read/ feel, the better we become)... but more importantly too, a tool for everyone who reads this to be inspired as well.

Enuff said... so, hi, welcome, and be inspired! :)

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