Tuesday, August 29, 2006

CHOICE & Wants

'It's all about choice,' my friend tells me over a drink yesterday night.

This friend of mine is a bubbly girl, with so much of energy! Jumping Jacks Her energy level yesterday was as usual - very high and just being with her, she boosted my energy level too!

She was humuourous and funny... and got me laughing to stitches. It has been such a long time I laughed so much! :)

But despite all the jokes, there was a serious tone in her - especially when she mentioned about her new revived business. And she spoke with much determination.

And she left a word of wisdom to me: CHOICE. It's all a matter of us having choices in life - to succeed or to fail; and to be who we want to be (or not).

Although I've heard that many times before, but meeting her again was a gentle reminder to myself, that I have a choice.. in fact choices - every minute, everyday!

It was no coincidence that when I went back, I read a book, and it too said, 'Think wisely who you want to be, for you will be what your heart desires'. Well, and it relates back to my conversation with this friend of mine - that we have a choice, to be who we want to be... and if we work towards it by making the 'right' choices, we will be who we want to eventually.

Another friend of mine too once told me that it's just setting up a vision - visualise it, and the power is in our hands! Our decisions will be stirred towards our wants/ vision...

It really is that powerful - for we can be whoever we dream of being! Snowboarding

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