Sunday, March 11, 2012

I'm Now A Lee Hom Addict!!

When I first started listening to Chinese pop.. amongst the singers that I was introduced to is non other than Lee Hom. He sings those lovey dovey songs and of course, is a big hit at campus.

While I've always been keeping a few updates of his new hit songs over the years, I don't think I have ever been such a (big) fan of the singer. Not for anything else, just maybe I've never been a big follower.

But still, 10 years later, I've decided to attend his concert - right here in the heart of KL!

And I must say, I am blown away!

The most amazing thing bout the concert is all the animation effects on the 3 big screens behind the stage. The Chinese style effects were amazing. Then there's also this effect, where Lee Hom uses the backdrop to make as if he is like walking on a street. Just wow!

The play of visuals continued.. including this medley with 7 Lee Homs! Talk about having some cool effects!

But of course, effects aside, it's the man himself that matters. And this guy sure knows how to wow the crowd. The infectious smile plus him belting out his hit songs sure got the crowd going ga-ga!

And even more so when he came down in his vehicle around the stadium! It's like he is the people's singer..!

So, I left that night all awed & wow-ed. You can say, I'm now a bigger fan.. and just like one of his fan clubs, I think I'm too now a Lee Hom Addict!

*Personally, with such high standards here, I wonder how the other Chinese singers can match such a cool concert. I must attend Jay Chou's concert someday. And owh yeah, Ah Mei is having hers in KL soon too.. maybe I should attend hers as well? :)

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