Thursday, March 15, 2012

KL Food Hunt: KL's Best Roti Canai - Valentine's!!

It doesn't take a Malaysian long to figure out what are the popular Malaysia food.

And while the nasi lemak may reign as the no. 1 dish.. the roti canai should be a close 2nd!

So while doing the research for the web series Summer Love: KL!, we thought to also hunt down the best roti canai in KL! Yes, the search for only the best!!

This is not the roti canai shop. We parked near here, and I couldn't help but take the photo of this place with the twin towers as a backdrop. 
Our search brought us to downtown KL - nearby Jalan Ampang, to a roti canai joint most foodies might know. And maybe even some foreigners as this place has been featured in some overseas TV programs too (so we were told).

Locating the place wasn't that difficult. The place looks rather ordinary - like any other mamak shops by the road side. But that's where the similarity ends.

Sitting down, we ordered all the different roti they have. We ordered the roti tampal (basically roti canai with egg but not cooked like the roti telur we are familiar with.. and also the roti valentine which is roti with meat.. which tastes somewhat in between roti canai & murtabak.

However we felt these roti rather usual. - not the best roti ever..

But then we tried the plain roti canai.. and that made us understand why this shop is undoubtedly the best roti canai shop in town (or at least the best roti canai we've tried!!).

What's so special? It's the texture. The roti canai is fluffy and thin.. and while it doesn't melt in the mouth, but well it's close to it!

This is definitely a place I'll come back for!! (and that food lovers or roti canai lovers should try too!!).

Jalan Semarak just diagonally opposite the Celcom building.

*Opens from late afternoon.


  1. long time no eat roti canai already! haha!

  2. The way you describe it makes me wanna go and try!! But it's so far away. And only open so late. :(

  3. Really? That's the best place to have roti canai in KL? :D

  4. A fancy place with fancy name huh! :D


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