Friday, March 30, 2012

I'm In A 'Performing Arts' Mood!!

It started off with the Lee Hom's concert. Then, came a succession of shows that I've been watching the past few weeks. Checked in here, checked in there.. yeap, I have literally checked into most of the KL arts venue this month! Here are what I've watched..

Kaleidoscope 2 - Hands Drumming Festival @ KLPac
I remember their performance last year where they blew my mind away on how traditional drums can be modern & owh so cool! You know those big drums like the ones in Lion Dance? Well, modernise it with cool stage lights & costumes.. and sound too!

This year's perfromance was also great - with overseas drummers (Wow Beat of Taiwan & Kaburaya of Japan) drumming in the showcase too. While that was a good variation, but I personally still prefer last year's which featured just our Malaysian drummers! (and not I'm not saying cos I'm patriotic or being biased.. but somehow feel that our Malaysian drummers has set a very high standard!).

Comedy Club KL - Marc Show @ PJ Live Arts Centre
I've always wanted to attend the Comedy Club series but never really went for it.. not till this month that is. Yes, it was my first time going for this since I've moved to KL slightly over 2 years now!

I can't remember how I found out about the show.. but well, 3 international stand up comedians came down to our city.. and stand up comedy they did!

Tommy Dean and Jon Rosol were pretty funny.. but nothing could have beaten the 'sexy' guy - Earl Okin and his strings (guitar)! You won't think he is funny - really.. but when he sings.. owh, that got me (& the crowd) laughing!!

English Treasures @ Dewan Filharmonik Petronas
I must admit that I went to this show not knowing what to expect. Actually I didn't even know who I'd be listening to or what music style... for all I did was to follow the recommendation from best buddy & music enthusiast friend, Ben. 

Lil did I know that I'd be seeing one of the world's best cello musician Daniel-Muller Schott!  

While I enjoyed seeing Daniel play the cello with all his skills, but musically, I like the first part of 3 of the show.. which I found out is Fantasia On A Theme By Thomas Tallis.. apparently the first important work by composer Ralph Vaughan Williams and composed in 1910! (okay, I googled that up! haha). 

Arbridged - The Compleat Wrks Of Wllm Shkspr @ KLPac
I was surfing the KLPac's website and saw some really good reviews of this show. It was touted to be really funny. 

And owh yeah, one reason I bought tickets for the show... well, it had an overseas cast! While I love & support all things Malaysian, but when it comes to doing ang moh/ kwai loh plays, well, I usually prefer an overseas act - and that they have. Besides it's Shakespeare..!

Owh, but well 2 out of 3 are foreigners, with our very own Gavin Yap performed alongside. I must say, the English I have had spoken to many foreigners in Singapore helped! But still.. that wasn't enough.. for the accent was rather strong. 

I guess that didn't make me understand the show fully.. and while I laughed but most probably could have laughed more & even harder! But nevertheless, I now have learnt about Shakespeare - tho just a lil bit!

Young Voice Choral Fiesta @ KLPac
I attended this performance to support a friend - Eunice, who performed with her Subang Jaya Youth Chamber Choir. It was cool to see a friend I know on stage - the KLPac Pentas 1 to boot! 

Btw, apart from that group, there were also other choirs around including Naturally Vocal which I enjoyed quite a lot. And their invited guests from Indonesia - the Lippo Village Children's Choir, some of whom are really young! 

If before I didn't know much bout choir, but this one show surely changed my mind. Who knew there's such active choir groups out there! Think Glee!

Caipifruita Revelations @ Actor's Studio
Another group that I've watched their performance previously - and loved. 

But I didn't know bout this performance of theirs.. till I attended the Young Voice Choral Fiesta, which 2 of the singers are actually the conducters & performers there! They were giving out fliers & made some announcement for their upcoming show.

Well, I thought it would be nice to support them and at the same time enjoy their performances. 

They didn't fail. And the nice thing this time round - they teamed up with the Revelations an a capella group of 10 men from Sri Lanka. But owh yeah, I've sinced understood that a cappella can be fun - like this!

I know that's a rather load full of events I've attended so far. And owh, it doesn't seem to end as yet.. for there's still the ICOM Celebration Series: Tribute to Musicals and I'm thinking of going to Ah Mei's Ah-Mei-zing concert! 

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