Saturday, August 16, 2008

To Jakarta

indonesia, 63 tahun, merdeka

Come Aug 17, Indonesia celebrates its independence day! And guess what, I'm right here in the country with many islands.

After 16 years, I'm visiting Jakarta again - the last when they had their Visit Indonesia Year.

The red-white (merah putih) can be seen in parts of the city. And I've also seen words Dirgahayu - my first time hearing these words.

This is my first time being in a nation when it celebrates its birthday and it does feel good. At least to soak in the atmosphere, though I'm actually here for a friend's wedding.

And talking about Indonesia, I managed to watch the superb performance in the Olympics semi finals for the men's doubles - Indonesia's Markis Kido and Hendra Setiawan. I guess the mood is high now that they are in the finals... imagine what a 'gift' to the nation it will be if they strike gold!

More on Indonesia to come :)


  1. Hi Quachee,

    You've got a real nice blog and a great career coming.I wish you success in the realization of your dreams. Keep blogging for Malaysia. By the way, I saw your blog in SocialSpark and wrote about the contest you posted as an opportunity.What's your email ad by the way?


  2. Wah QuaChee, go holiday again! Is all your trips sponsored or what? : )

  3. @Gina
    thanks for participating.. and the encouraging message :) you can email me blog at quachee dot com

    no lah, its all planned in advance. some up to a few months. actually you can too. its affordable if planned early :)


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