Sunday, April 27, 2008

East Goes West: Jay Chou - The Cowboy Is Busy

A follow up to Asian actors going West, it seems that the singers are also heading over or Western influenced at least.

One is this cowboy song by Jay Chou, famous for his unique music. Honesetly, I've never really been a fan of him, but when I heard this, I thought he did a good rendition of a familiar western tune. And I'm sure you guys have heard this many times over already. This clearly makes Jay Chou stand out and why he's touted as no. 1 in the Chinese music industry.

In this video, Mando pop prince, Jay Chou is in his cowboy suit and all going West. The video I must say is very well done despite it is an Asian-American version. In fact it looks pretty American! lol.

Anyway, here's the video clip and its lyrics in mandarin, pinyin and translated to English (courtesy of MyGrandFinalE).


火车笛 随著奔腾的马蹄
小妹妹吹著口琴 夕阳下美了剪影
介绍完了风景 接下来换介绍我自己

我虽然是个牛仔 在酒吧只点牛奶
為什麼不喝啤酒 因為啤酒伤身体
很多人不长眼睛 嚣张都靠武器

不用麻烦了 不用麻烦了
不用麻烦不用麻烦了 不用麻烦了
你们一起上 我在赶时间
每天决斗观眾都累了 英雄也累了
不用麻烦了 不用麻烦了
副歌不长你们有几个 一起上好了
正义呼唤我 美女需要我

我啦啦啦骑毛驴 因為马跨不上去
洗澡都洗泡泡浴 因為可以玩玩具.
我有颗善良的心 都只穿假牛皮

我曾经答应上帝 除非是万不得已 我尽量射橡皮筋
要逃命前请你 顺便餵餵我那隻小毛驴

~* Repeat Chorus *~

The Cowboy Is Very Busy

Wu la la la
The train whistle, in sync with the galloping horses' hooves
The little girl plays the harmonica, the evening sun casts her beautiful shadow
My days are spent in bullet rain
After we introduce the background, it's time for my self-introduction

Although I am a cowboy, I only order milk at bars.
Why not beer? Because it's bad for health
Many are blind, their arrogance comes from their weapons.
Once empty-handed, their guts shrink to that of ants

Don't bother, Don't bother
Don't bother, Don't bother, Don't bother.
Come at me all together, I am rushing for time
The audience is tired of duels everyday, so is the hero
Don't bother, Don't bother
The chorus isn't long so come at me together, no matter your numbers
Justice is calling for me, the babes need me
The cowboy is very busy

I ride on the donkey, 'cos I cannot get on the horse.
I soak in bubble baths, because then I can play with toys.
I have a gentle heart, only wearing synthetic leather
Oh! And try not to crush the grass when I fall

The guns do not have eyes
So I have promised God that I will shoot with rubber bands, unless I am forced to
Boss, first a cup of milkshake
Before you run for your life, please feed my little donkey

~* Repeat Chorus *~

Nui Zai Hen Mang

Wu la la la
Huo che di Sui zhe ben teng de ma ti
Xiao mei mei chui zhe kou qin Xi yang xia mei le jian ying
Wo yong zi dan xie ri ji
Jie shao wan le feng jing Jie xia lai huan jie shao wo zi ji

Wo sui ran shi ge nui zai Zai jiu ba zhi dian nui nai.
wei shen me bu he pi jiu Yin wei pi jiu shang sheng ti
Hen duo ren bu zhang yan jing Xiao zhang dou kao wu qi
Chi shou kong quan jiu suo cheng ma yi

Bu yong ma fan le Bu yong ma fan le
Bu yong ma fan bu yong ma fan le Bu yong ma fan le
Ni men yi qi shang Wo zai gan shi jian
Mei tian jue dou guan zhong dou lei le Ying xiong ye lei le
Bu yong ma fan le Bu yong ma fan le
Fu ge bu chang ni men you ji ge Yi qi shang hao le
Zheng yi hu huan wo Mei nv xu yao wo
Nui zai hen mang de

Wo la la la qi mao lv Yin wei ma kua bu shang qu
Xi zao dou xi pao pao yu Yin wei ke yi wan wan ju
Wo you ke shan liang de xin Dou zhi chuan jia niu pi
O die dao shi jin liang bu ya cao pi

Qiang kou ta mei zhang yan jing
Wo ceng jing da ying shang di Chu fei shi wang bu de yi Wo jin liang she xiang pi jin
Lao ban xian lai bei nai xi
Yao tao ming qian qing ni Shun bian wei wei won a zhi xiao mao lv

~* Repeat Chorus *~


  1. At 1st when I was listening to his song. I thought this is so-not Jay. Perhaps the style is different. But after a few times, this song really gets me going! Yehaaaaaaa! =)

  2. hi tekkaus

    i thought its very jay - his style of singing - 'one kind one' haha. its like not singing yet its nice :)


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