Saturday, April 26, 2008

Want To Earn More Cash: Do Online Business

The past few weeks or so, I've been meeting up with a few entrepreneurs and soon-to-be-enterpreneurs.

Some are on their own path on making money and are already in a business of their own. Some are new altogether, but with a dream of venturing into the business world in the near future (maybe after completion of studies, or start a business part time). Some people have a dream to work from home or to start a home based business.

I also do get some who are not into business, but who are looking into business opportunities... asking questions like:
"Do you have any opportunities for me to make money?"

Yes, there are lots of ways one can make money - both through traditional (brick & motar) and also through online.

Although there are a lot of traditional business with low costs which is still very much popular with the traditionalists, but there's a new pool of people jumping onto the online business scene. They are from any age group though the bulk seems to be from the Gen X and Gen Y.

So, why start an online business? And can you really make money online?

1. Firstly, online seems to be an easier and safer choice as costs are relatively lower. There are a lot of free ways to start up your business - and you only pay for your electricity costs.

IT knowledge may come in hand, though, for many, you don't even need to be an IT expert where there are many simple and easy to use platforms available (eg. like blogging or ecommerce). In any case, when your business grows, you can pick up more IT skills along the way.

2. Small manpower. Of course, you can grow this into a bigger business later on. But for the start, all you need is really yourself, or some business partners. You don't really need to hire anyone, not even a PA, as your stuffs can all be done and documented through your computer by yourself.

In fact, there's usually not much documentation as it's again mostly done by the providers (eg. if you are selling adverts via Google Adsense in your blog/ website, they create the data and send you your cheque. All you need to do is check your earnings). With that, it means further cost savings, and making more profit.

3. Comfort of working from your home. Many drag their feet to work, going into traffic jams and crowded trains. For online business, you wake up and you are straight into office. Time taken to office - the time you walk from your room to your study. This means more time can be spent on work, and you will be less tired (from everyday travel). This will make you more refreshed and working in leisure and comfort.

4. Follow your interests. That is one of the best thing internet does. You can basically earn money by doing what you like. Of course if you are a writer or someone who loves programming, that is direct earnings.

But more so, internet allows you to share and earn from what you like to do. For example, if you like a certain topic, you can actually share about it online and earn money just by sharing what you like. It can even be about your life (that's where blogging comes in) or even about your complains!

5. Start immediately. While traditional business require you to register a company or at least have some name cards, letterheads, etc, however, for internet business, you don't really need all that - at least not when you just started. You can basically start and run your business straight away, as and when you are ready!

This saves you more time and is hassle free. You won't be bugged by all the registrations and complicating matters.

So, if again, anyone wants to make some part time income or money online, yes, it can be done. It is not easy money, or money sent from haven, but with right attitude, yes, money can literally grow on your computer!

In my next post, I'll share more on the types of internet businesses one can venture.

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  1. hey quachee, i never ever imagine u'll go into this area too (i mean earn money online kind of things.)After reading your post, i found that some of your points quite true.

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  2. hi bb,

    haha, well, its just to share on anything inspiring here :)

    actually, this is a prelude to my next post. i had to divide them into 2 to make it easier for the readers :)


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