Monday, April 28, 2008

Comeback Story: Mariah Carey

Today I want to share on an inspiring comeback story - a bit of biography on one of the world's most popular singers of all time.

mariah carey, e=mc2

If you are into 90s music, then you would have definitely heard about the celebrity songstress, Mariah Carey. Carefully crafted with former husband Tommy Motolla, Mariah was a pop icon born in 1990, going on to win awards for her singing vocals. Her career started off high and fast with songs like Vision Of Love, Someday, Love Takes Time making big waves in the American music industry.

She continued with her high range vocal songs featured in albums like Emotions, Musci Box, Merry Christmas and also Daydream, producing hits and hits of number ones including the all famous, Hero. Of course there was also Fantasy, Dreamlover, Without You and the successful combination with Boyz 2 Men - One Sweet Day!

Interestingly, after her divorce with her hubby, she changed her more conservative image in Butterfly to sexy. Now, that was a hip album with a new Mariah and very catchy tunes like Honey.

And along the way, she had a movie role in Glitter as well. But that was when things started to look bad.

Her next album, Rainbow didn't do too well and the movie bombed. Her next few albums were all so-so. Sales were never the same time high. And there were some problems with her big time recording deal as well. In a nutshell, at that period of time, Mariah was seen as a has-been, or some would put it a wipe-off. Critics were saying her time was up, especially with new singers emerging.

Can you imagine if you were Mariah? Having everything just slipping away bit by bit? Her life just couldn't go lower. Yes, it was that low.

But that is where Heroes are made. Just when you think all is gone, Mariah makes a comeback with The Emanicipation Of Mimi. It was a big comeback alright - becoming the best selling album in the USA in 2005.

Now, that didn't stop there. Her latest - E=MC2 (Emancipation equals Mariah Carey to the second power) has produced a new single, Touch My Body, becoming her 18th no. 1 single in Hot 100, beating the legendary King of Rock & Roll, Elvis Presly. And newest, she has a new movie role in Tennessee.

Her comeback story is remarkable. And though some may not like her, but then, you can't dismiss what a great comeback Mariah has done - from Hero to Zero and now back on top!

Her music has definitely changed somewhat and she don't stretch the high notes as much from what she was introduced, singing with some whispering style... but that is what we call re-invention and if that works, well done! :)

Mariah's latest single - Bye Bye.

*If Mariah can do it, what about pop princess Britney? :)


  1. britney had too much money at a young age and mixed with bad hats .... that's it all gone

  2. Yeah! She really made a great comeback after the slump. And now she's back and better with e=MC2. Ha =) She's using eistein's law? Hmm...about britney...maybe she could nick it if she could halt her misfooting. Music rocks!!!

  3. hi johnny

    ya kinda pity on britney. she really had everything - esp if you see back on her biography :)

    heya takkaus
    ya, music rocks! it really connects ppl & emotions! mariah is a transformation alright lol

  4. E equal MC square is a great album. bought and listened to it, loads of great tracks inside.


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