Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Want To Be A Movie Star?

Yes, look no further if you like to be in action.

Model-actor Christien New (Jarum Halus) is producing a movie under his production company, Christien Lavin Production. The movie title is Life Is Good (aka Back To School). It will star Sazzy Falak, Daphne Iking, Asraf Sindair, Razif Hasim, James Wong and the producers themselves - Christien New and Lavin Seow.

life is good, back to school audition poster
And they are looking for more talents to join in this uni musical, which looks into the lives of students. This humour movie focus will be on groovy dance moves, singing and basketball game scenes.

If you think you've got talent in acting, dancing, singing or simply playing basketball, then simply download the form and head to the auditions!

You can be the Next Big Thing! (just remember to thank me when you become famous :) )

PS: Apparently they are open to non Malaysians as well in their form. So Singaporeans, you may want to join in the fun as well? :)


  1. hi,Thanks for dorpping by my blog.Hey,this movie sounds like high school musical right!Very interesting.I hope I can watch this movie.You got an intersting blog too.Will drop by whenever I am free.Nice to know you. :)

  2. This sounds like fun! hmm..

    Good of you to share it with your readers, QC. Will you be in too?

  3. Hey Sweetiepie,
    thanks for dropping by. Ya, the movie is quite a cool idea heh :)

    as long as anything that inspires must be shared haha :) Anyway, I don't know yet - I wasn't too sure of submitting my form as I wasn't sure of my time factor. But I did put it in anyway haha.


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