Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Malaysia Book Update 4: The Sky Is BLUE!

First the not so happy news - we are not featuring the 50+1 Brands segment as initially planned. Somehow, this segment is way beyond our scope at this point of time. When I mentioned in Malaysia Book Update 3: To Feature Or Not To Feature, it was still 50-50. But now, it's more like 90-10 (against - for).

Many reasons behind it and I don't think I want to dwell into it that much. Actually, I saved a post to publish on a similar title The Sky Is Blue for the reason of the partnership with a brands company. I took a day up to KL for a day meeting and I was so proud that the partnership went through.

I felt very happy to have made my journey up all the way from early morning and back in late night. And though the sky wasn't realy blue (it was cloudly), I thought heck, when things are working fine, the sky is blue!

Now, the partnership is still there (the same), the only difference is we won't embark on this together at this point of time.

Ok, then why am I writing The Sky Is Blue right?

Well, here's the good BREAKING NEWS:
Free Books To Contributors!

Yes, each one who have agreed to feature their photo, or have been interviewed or even for some who have written and shared what they love about the country.

Thank you guys for supporting this humble project of mine, to promote Malaysia. Many have come forward without hoping for anything at all - and some in faith. Honestly, I've been moved by the contributions and I'm very happy that we have made this decision.

So, the book is already completed (minus a few pages of intro etc). Now, to make this happen, I'm going to spend 2 weeks or more on pure marketing. As this is a one time off book (for this year) and it's a new thing to me, I'm taking it on my own hands. I'll need to learn the ropes as well before I can hire in my next project.

And better news, my company will be rolling an online website which will benefit readers and bloggers pretty soon too (when the book is launched).

So, guys, once again, thanks for your support... and really, the Sky Is BLUE! :)

If you are new to the book, read here: Malaysia Book Q&A :)


  1. the sky is blue indeed!

    great work!

    hurray TNT!

  2. This is a great thing you are doing QuaChee. Am proud to be contributing to such efforts.

  3. heya cockenaden

    many thanks indeed. and yes, hurray to tnt for being our official logistics partner! :)

    hi eugene
    thanks to u too. was great to have the support from each of you :)


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