Thursday, April 17, 2008

Malaysia Book Update 3: To Feature Or Not To Feature

7 topics have been completed and on stock take, we are beyond 220 pages as our initial target. From the looks, we could go up to 300 or more. That is way beyond the estimated budget.

At this junction, I'm thinking of whether or not to feature the 50+1 Brands. My considerations, the list is difficult although now we are going to work with a brand company on it; more pages means more budget (nearly 50% more), and time constraint - we are so late already (book deadline has been changed & pushed back so often now - the latest target pushed to end April).

These are the few things going in my head currently.

Although, we will most likely go on as planned (though I'm saying this with a bit of caution). Reasons - it will make the book more wholesome and meets the objective of branding & promoting Malaysia, as we first initiated.

As the brands company can only get back to me on Monday, we have these 4 days to consolidate our works and complete the rest.

The book really is coming to a near close - in a way I'm happy - it's been so many months now. We are not accepting anymore pictures and writings as all segments have nearly been done up. But of course, I'll miss the process.

Has been a steep learning curve and a great process altogether - one of a kind I think for book publishing in Malaysia, the region and I think maybe even worldwide.


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