Friday, April 25, 2008

Malaysia Book Update 5: Ah Ha!

I've mentioned in Malaysia Book Update 4: The Sky Is BLUE that I'm embarking on a sales mission to bring in enough sales to finance this 50+1 Malaysia book project I'm doing.

I've actually put this off for a while because I'm uncertain about it. Actually, when the initial idea of the book was out last year, I've embarked on quite a few sales & marketing strategies - I basically used quite a fair bit of resources including hiring sales reps. We've had a small share of success and hence, it gets me a lil apprehensive this time round.

So, I went to focus on the overhaul of the book - make it more focused. Hence, after some thought, it went on to focus on tourism.

Anyway, the contents are already done and like I said, to make this book available for as many people as possible, and to promote Malaysia as much as we can, I need to find Sponsors & Advertisers.

So, I spent Monday & Tuesday formulating my strategies once again. Finally on Tuesday nite, I've came out with some sales technique. On Wed & Thurs, I made my sales call. To be honest, I was a lil hesitant, and quite reluctant, but I know I have to persevere.

What I would like to share my experience on making the phone calls. I've done many more sales call before in my previous project, so this is not really new. But surprisingly, this time round, the sales calls were much more pleasant.

The people (mainly from Marketing/ Advertising/ PR/ Corporate Communications) I spoke to were mainly quite pleasant and friendly. That is a first thumbs up! In fact, I noticed the people from Sabah & Sarawak were the most friendly of all.

And surprise behold, nearly everyone (bout 90%) speaks fluent English. The only surprise were some Penangites who were more English with their Penang Hokkien tone (some call it the sing-song tone) - that was quite unique :)

Of course, I also had a few rough encounters with some who would rattle rudely with no intention of being an Advertiser. I guess I was like their punching bag.

Exec: You know ah.. I won't be paying money for tourism. In fact tourism should be paying me money you know. Because why? I bring tourists in here you know...

Then after talking for 5 mins
Exec: Btw ah, you can forget it lah.

Then some couldn't understand English and were just dumbfounded.

Exec: pause...pause... Apa itu? U nak cakap dengan siapa ah? (What is it? You want to speak to who?).

One was even going round the bush talking rubbish if I can say so - each sentence I made got an off topic reply! For eg.

Myself: My company is publishing a book on Malaysia.
Exec: When was the book out? Out already ah? Got feature us ah?

Myself: (intro on book)... I'm inviting your company to be an Advertiser...
Exec: You looking for who? What is it?

You get the picture.

And there were some with their slang with the strong ah, hor, or, issit (izzit!), har.. etc.

But anyway, overall, it was a good experience. Some quite laughable, though at times I was a lil furious I must say.

Next up, I've been preparing my sales kit & video presentation for them today and will be emailing the list tomorrow. Wish me good luck in securing enough Advertisers :)


  1. Yes, I agree. Malaysians are generally friendly but the Sabahans and Sarawakians are probably more friendly than the rest! LOL, how do I know? Because I hail from the lovely Land Below The Wind, that's why. LOL.

    No offense to anyone tho.

    Anyways, I think that you are doing a great thing, you know, promoting Malaysia's tourism. We really do have a lot of potential in tourism but personally I think that we need to literally clean up our act first. Everyone need to learn to keep Malaysia beautiful and clean.

    Anyways, good luck with getting more advertisers!

  2. hi sharon

    agree with you :) haha.

    thanks for yr encouragement on the book as well... its getting even more exciting - have some goodies for the readers :)


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