Friday, April 11, 2008

Happy Birthday, Anyone?

I spoke to some friends recently - some say that they still do receive cards, especially if they are wedding cards. On the contrary, my friends I know who have gotten married have been just sending sms, emails and even using Facebook.

Well if wedding cards are already so difficult to get, what's more on birthday cards. I myself hardly send any - usually if I do, it's a present rather than a card.

Well, of course an e-card is the easiest. There are those one page simple ones when ecards were first introduced. Then they got some animation, and now you can click here & there and play some games as well before you read the message. But as much as we like it, it can get boring too right?

Interestingly, YouTube is another way to send a greeting card. There are those good animated ones which will leave the recipient rather happy and in a good mood. One of my personal favourites is this one:

But when I saw the next Happy Birthday video clip, this has got to be the one. Some call it 'scary'. I call it funny. lol

Ok, maybe the cat shouldn't have talked towards the end... but then, without it there will be no kick in this clip! haha

Maybe the best one is a DIY video then?

*And since I'm at it, a Happy Birthday to any April boomers! :)


  1. i was once a very keen "letter writers", as my close friends all know.. so birthday card used to be something so normal to me.

    however, i've not got any for years, since the booming of internet. even when writing letter, we tend to use Ms Word then attach to email.

    because the time really matters :)

  2. hi haan, thats is interesting on writing letters using word doc :)

    yes, internet feels so instant rite haha. i used to have penpals, writing letters to them - thinking back its like so old haha


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