Sunday, April 13, 2008

Finally, There's Enough Love

At first I thought that the 50+1 Love Expressions (to the country) segment could have been easy. After all, it was just mostly images of the Malaysian flag.

Alamak, how wrong can one get!

Firstly, though there are lots of Malaysian flag photos, but we need quite unique ones - not just flags in any position. Now, that was the first hurdle.

And secondly, to get 50+1 (ie 51) pictures, that's is a lot for just one topic - in fact it's the most throughout the book. No other items have 51! (eg. even a particular food like the popular nasi lemak, we didn't need 51 pics of it).

So after much invitation to people to submit, I thought we had enough. However, on stock take, we were actually short of about 6. So near, yet so far!

After some thoughts, I had an idea to invite a few artists who has drawings of posters & cartoon characters to participate.

Many of these posters are for competitions and some of which are award winners. There were also artists who draw for a living - either graphic designers or pure artists.

This makes the segment very unique - just as it was envisioned: to bring together people from all walks of life to share their love on the country in any possible form.

And so now we have photos, writings and also drawings on loving Malaysia, making this a very unique segment on its on.

I'm glad this segment is now completed. Finally, there's 'enough love' and it's good we didn't had to pay anyone to show their love :)


  1. "we were actually short of about 6" Short of what "6"? Hmm.....can I help?

  2. hi robo,

    thanks for your help. we were actually shot of 6 photos/ write up on what people love about Malaysia (in general).

    however, we have completed the segment finally :)

    thanks once again :)


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