Saturday, April 05, 2008

To The Olympics On Volkswagen

I was told it was to be a 8 hours or more shoot. And we were to arrive at 7am. Again, not much details were told beforehand.

One by one the models arrived. Some were delayed, as the area was a bit difficult to find, though it was in town. When we were altogether, we then headed into a van which transported us to Kallang Stadium.

kallang stadium
During the journey, we introduced ourselves and got to know each other better. Then, we arrived in our first destination. These models were quite friendly, which was nice - different from the sometimes sombre mood of other models.

volkswagen olympic shoot at kallang
The Volkswagen car was at the set. There was also the crew that was already there. Some of us then headed for make-up & slight touch up. We also had a change of clothes, which we used the van as the 'changing room'. The image: to give us a young, energetic, sporty look, just like the model car with its shinny bright red!

the clothes van
The clothes van - filled with different clothes for all of us.

Out we come, young, trendy & cool ready for the shoot. The aim was to fit all of us in the mini car. To do that, we took turns being in the car - max 7 at a time. Yes, that small car can fit 7 of us - driver, front passenger, 4 behind, and with the torch bearer standing popping his head & body through the sun roof. My position was at the back left. It was a lil funny as we were trying to smile each time in the car as by now the morning sun is very much out.

After us, the next 2 went in, with their body and head popping through the back 2 windows. Their shot with ours is to be photoshopped to create an image as if 9 people were in the car.

volkswagen olympics advert

After we were done, we then headed to the second location. By now it was about 11. This was inside the studio in a building. We headed to a studio with a large Blue panel. Here, we met another much bigger group of fellow models. The crew started to set up, while we went to change.

studio with blue panel

The aim this time, is to create a mountain of people, which when the photo is edited, will combine with the previous photo - making as if we were sitting/ standing on the top of the car.

Many Faces
The Art Director had wanted to create a scene with a lot of people, hence some of us actually changed twice, like myself. So in total, I will be featured thrice - the first one in the car; first row on the car (sitting) and one more standing in between the rows! Lucky me!

One guy was styled so differently that this young early 20s managed to look like someone from an old 1960s!

volkswagen olympic advert shoot
Group of models who were to be later photoshopped to create image as if standing on the car.

volkswagen advert, results of photoshoot
This is the sample of the ad. See the added race track and the people on top of the car. The initial Kallang stadium has been taken out.

We took turns to shoot, group by group as there were many of us, and the space was limited. In between we were served packet lunch which was quite nice of the crew (though most crew usually does so).

One More
Once finished, there was another type of shoot, different from what was to be from the first advertisement.

volkswagen modeling shoot
One of the row of models oohing & ahhing over the imaginary cars.

This time round, we were to stand in a row and imagine looking through a glass panel, looking at the 2 'imaginary' cars. Facial expressions were important here, and we were to 'ooh' and 'ahh' over the cars. Row by row of us were taking photos.

We also switched positions, with different hairstyles and clothes. The image this time was to give a serious, executive look. So each of us were dressed more formal.

volkswagen advertisment modeling shoot
When I'm at the panel, this is the view looking back at the crew, including Photographer, Art Director and the rest of the models behind waiting in turn.

By towards the end, some of us, especially the first batch was rather worned out. It has been 12 hours - the longest modeling shoot I've done.

This modeling shoot was nice experience for me, just like the rest I've done - learning the ropes behind the works and at the same time enjoying the experience. I managed to speak to the Producer of the advertisement and learnt a bit.

Lastly, this shoot is for Volkswagen... and we were told it was for the Olympics! As it's for Hong Kong, we are unlikely to see the advertisement here. Well, at least we are going to the Olympics! - literally :)


  1. HI Quachee, can't see you inside le hahaha....

  2. Heya StormWhistle, I was taking the photos of the other groups here - not many of myslef. haha. Act there are a few shots of me and the rest, but nah... :)

    Oh btw see if you can spot any of our friends in the pic haha


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