Thursday, April 17, 2008

Singapore's The Roundest!

Inspired by blogger friend's post, Singapore Has Beaten Malaysia, thought I'll be a good resident to share my take on Singapore's rounder than ever, bigger than more - the Singapore Flyer.

Ok, well, the biggest round actually. The just opened Singapore Flyer is now the world's biggest - tallest at 165m.

Ever since London started off with the observation wheel (in UK called the London Eye), every other country is bringing it in for tourism purposes.

In Malaysia, it was and still is a main Visit Malaysia feature (till 31 Aug 2008). The Eye On Malaysia is only a temporary one, making it a star showcase this Visit Malaysia.

singapore flyer, singapore skyline
Singapore's flyer smack in the city

Anyway, back to Singapore's Flyer - it has overtaken Star of Nanchang which held the world's biggest for 2 years. And if like the Chinese, round things are good luck, then I hope this as well for Singapore.

What you can expect to see here:

singapore flyer top view
Singapore Flyer from the top

singapore flyer in the tropics
Singapore Flyer in the tropics

A friend of mine has just went for a ride on the wheel, and she liked it so much that she went a second time - at a different time of the day. The view won't change, but from night, she wants to see sunset! And a view she and any other visitors will get - the view of the city's skyline and nearby fun centres from the F1 street circuit to the durian like Esplanade and soon to be opened casino at Marina Bay.

So if you are nearby Singapore or living here yourself, take this chance to sit on the world's biggest. You only have about a year or less before China once again hold its record in Bejing come a year's time in 2009 - the Beijing's Great Observation Wheel (giving Beijing everything great heh :) ).

world observation wheel

Fast Facts:
*Apparently, Shanghai scrapped the idea of the world's largest.
*Just a comparison: ticket price on Eye on Malaysia & The Singapore Flyer - RM15 to S$29.50 - but hey, they are different ya?

Now who says Singapore is boring? :)

*Updated: Made an error that the price for the Flyer was S$40. The full price with packages are at Ticket Rates.


  1. WOw.. this is the photos? Beautiful! Feel like visit singapore right now.. ;D

  2. Love the photos. Awesome! $40 a ride? hmm....

  3. hey happysurfer,
    the photos are from the singapore flyer's promo photos - but looks quite nice heh :)

    i know $40 seems a lil exp haha.. esp if converted. rm92 for a merry go round? well, think it for the world biggest then not so painful to the pockets haha :)

  4. actually the price is
    Adult: S$29.50 Child: S$20.65 Senior: S$23.60.

    and of cos they hav different packages. but i guess is quite worth to at least try once.=)

  5. hey vinsion

    now thats even more affordable! thot i read somewhere $40 haha. maybe they changed it... or i read wrongly :)

    anyway, yes, its worth a ride :)


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