Monday, April 14, 2008

No Matchbox Please - We Want Fresh Air

It's in the morning, and the sun is not out yet. I walk past a few homes on the way to the lift. There is 1-2 schoolchildren shuffling out their ipods.

The lift door opens and we get in. The lift stops at the next level and more people join in. The small lift is now a lil crowded and it's a bit too near for comfort. It gets a lil stuffy.

The numbers at the lift starts to become interesting - me waiting patiently (or impatiently) to get out. I guess the rest feel the same way too.

Fresh air at last. Though it was only a short while, but how nice it is to be out.

We then head our own ways. Some to work, some to school.

Now it's 7ish and the skies are turning dark. I head home to the lift. I'm waiting for the lift once again - this time to go up. Some other families are waiting nearby. Sometimes it's a young couple; other times its a mother-child. I see many leaflets being thrown at the corner. Somehow that corner of the lift is always filled with leaflets. Today is good already as there is no urine on that corner. Whew.

We head up. Everyone is quiet. Occasionally the mum talks to the children, or even scold them. Bit by bit as the lift goes higher, more people go out. Then it's my turn. Again, it's fresh air.

I head home. Once again, I pass by a row of other homes. I sometimes take a peek into their homes. At times I can smell the cooking - home cooked food. Sometimes, the dog will come out and bark.

And I'm back. Into this home that some of my friends call a matchbox style home.

I can understand why. It's not huge and maybe a lil cramp. If you are in the room beside the living room, you'll be able to hear the TV when it's on. It's definitely much bigger than the lift, but it's still cramp if you are living with others like family members or friends.

The living room allows you to put a TV and a some sofa. And then it's the dining room followed by the kitchen.

Sometimes I can hear the noisy neighbours from upstairs or even the beside one. Especially when they have guests around. Again, too close for comfort gets to me.

This is a scenario of living in a HDB flat - a housing scheme the government introduced. It's the cheapest around. A decent flat is only S$200000 and above - which is rather affordable for the average middle income earner.

I know I've painted a 'gloomy' picture on it, but I just want show why some Singaporeans are leaving the country for more fresh air and open spaces, like near neighbour Australia. Apart from many other things, some of these Singaporeans don't want to be in crammed matchboxes or living on air. They want to live on solid ground in beautiful homes without boundaries. Does the HDB provide that, or are they looking at a glass that is half full?

In my next post, I'll share a different picture - It's Quite Ok-lah :)


  1. Hi Quachee,
    I understand how you feel.....experience myself once, but after all......hmm....that's life! Isn't it? Cheers!

  2. heya robo, oh you were once staying in spore? :)

    well, im act just writing on what i used to think before moving into hdb - haha. watch out for my next post a follow up on it :)


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