Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sunshine After The Storm

One of my friends made a statement today as to why I always seem to share the positive part of life to them.

"Can't be you don't have low points in life one right?"

Well, I acknowledge that I too faces quite a fair bit of mix - both positive and negative experiences.

Being in business, I face quite a fair bit of challenge - the steep learning curve, making some naive mistakes, getting conned, being overpromised in some events but the turnout was terrible, meeting some very arrogant and rude counterparts and many more.

I hardly like to share these negative experiences if possible because it is usually already over. Though I did one in Keeping It Cool.

However, most of the times, instead of focusing on the bad part of things, I thought I should concentrate on the more inspiring outcome. It's just my way of seeing the rainbow after the rain which I've mentioned. Actually, to me it's more like the sunshine after every storm!

Now if it was a mistake, I do acknowledge it, and point out that it shouldn't repeat itself again. (this I believe is important as we can't bluff ourselves!)

However, most of the times, by not dwelling into the negative, I manage to see the good parts of it. Like the time when my website banner & one of the segment's ideas was copied which I've shared at Seeing Red Positively. So rather than feeling down, I turned it around and learnt a thing or two. And the mood was better. (Of course, I took necessary actions to ensure the direct copy stopeed!).

This may seem a lil crazy to some, but I also like the idea that something good will emerge out of the events - either as a learning point or sometimes the events turn out quite differently. And in fact, in many cases, there were some quite positive results in the end.

Take for example when I participated in my very second event - the KL Asia Fashion Week when I first published my first book. That was horrible - there weren't much crowd at all despite this event was touted as a big thing! And then, at the night function, no one actually noticed my booth as it was at a hidden corner and when I wanted to put the booth inside the main hall, we were allowed at first (by the Organisers) only to be screamed at later (by the Sponsors of the show). What an embarrassment!

Driving up to KL, carrying the many heavy books and the hope of sales just went down the drain right from the very first day. I didn't stayed on till the end - packed up by the 3rd day. You wouldn't believe how disappointed I was - it was sad. I had hired a helper to help, and here I wasn't even able to cover her costs! It wasn't much, but as it was a new event and me being so new in business, it hit my self esteem!

However, the good things at that event was being able to meet with Datuk Dr Victor Wee, Secretary General of Tourism Malaysia - my first time meeting anyone of a high status; and also meeting one of Malaysia's top model-actress, Amber Chia (who at that time haven't ventured into acting).

Now, Amber is part of the 50+1 Malaysians List of my new 50+1 Malaysia book! And I've been since working closely with a few Malaysian Ministries.

amber chia, datuk victor
Datuk Dr Victor at the event accompanied by Amber Chia

It was my first exposure to the celebrities in Malaysia - as apart from meeting Amber, I also met Ziana Zain at the night gala fashion show event. In a way, that was nice and it does help in a way with my works today like interviewing the celebrities/ personalities.

I have many other experiences, and some were quite expensive lessons - in terms of dollar wise and also time spent.

But, really, thinking positively does help and it gets me moving forward. There were really some good things that came out of those lil experiences and life lessons - hey I'm still around in the business which many have asked me to stopped, which luckily I didn't!

So, to my friend's question, yes, but it's a choice to see things in a positive light :)

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  1. knowing when and how to look at things from a positive perspective is crucial in life. it makes great difference.

    i'm also learning to to do it better.

  2. hi haan

    totally agree with you - what powers the mind can do :)

    *let's just continue to think positively and encourage one another :)


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