Monday, July 02, 2007

Seeing The Good

I posted one post not too long back 'For The Better'. Some of my friends have been telling me that that statement is more like a comfort instead... I dont disagree to one extend...

Over the weekend, there were some incidents that occurred and left me rather disturbed. In any case, I believe many people would be rather affected... so was I.

But I was trying to stay positive and tried hard to see what was the good aspects that occured out of it - or how not to be affected by the whole situation.

And then came the words 'For The Better'. Now, well, like I mentioned above, it can seem like another comfort for me. But really, the whole weekend incident have actually thought me some very valuable lessons - in business and life in general.

Hence, really, although I would rather not have the incidents occur, but then, it was another way of learning... hence, though it was a rather 'hard' weekend, but it wasn't all bad.

So, things happen for a reason... but only if we can focus on the good and not the bad will we continue to remain positive, free and happy. And who knows that 'bad experience' can sometimes lead to better things ahead :) (maybe Ill share that in my next post!)


  1. Share with us the incidents and how you were able to apply 'Seeing the Good' concept ? I cannot see how this is linked to 'For the Better' ? Please make yourself clear - are you trying to say they are the same or what ? What are you trying to say ?

  2. It's not exactly the same, well in my concept at least. But, it does relate to one another very closely whereby in everythig we do or face, we just need to stay positive on it - eg. by learning and appreciating the good things that happen (even in a bad situation).


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