Friday, July 06, 2007

Power Of Dreams

Ive mentioned my last post that Ill share about how dreams come true. Well, Ive attended a few courses before and have read some 'motivational' books like The Secret.

And so far, Ive applied some of these techniques and focusing on the dreams... and though many times the road seems difficult and the dreams becomes a far distant fantasy, but it's a very pleasant surprise to see these dreams come true :)

It did take me some time to make some of these come into reality - but really, it's nice to see them materialise - be it the works that I do or the people I meet... up to the title above - taken from my first dream car 'Power Of Dreams' haha :)

Really, what a powerful experience the Power Of Dreams is! If I may, I urge you to just dream all you want - for it will come true!


  1. How much is the book, if it's not too expensive, maybe can recommend? Haha, but to finish reading a book may be too taxing for busy people, unless they are free during the weekends to spend some hours. Anyway, if it's a good book, i guess no one mind to spend some time pouring over it right? Hope the culture of reading will preserve and bring more enlightened soul in the community. Adious!

  2. It's a rather reasonable priced book. There is a DVD too... you can get it at local bookstores in Singapore/ Malaysia. I watched the DVD - really cool :)


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