Thursday, July 12, 2007

Making The Best Of Things

Yesterday I watched a production... which reminded me of how our forefathers from China came over to Malaysia/ Singapore (and even Indonesia) for greener pastures.

Mainly came for this 'Nanyang Dream'... to lead a better life. It's very interesting to note that many of the big tycoons today have lead very humble life last time. They didn't make their limited education and language differences come into their way, but rather, they managed to pull through and make history.

I really admire their determination in life and making the best out of things.

And I feel that if they could make great things, we too can. Yes, true, times have changed and economies are changing, but we too can become great people and contribute to the nation and inspire if we have the same determination and to make the best out of things, and not looking at the 'shortage'/ difficulties we face :)

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  1. Yeah, our forefathers had really persevere and have their own success story,huh? Somehow, it reminded me of one light moment i had with one friend.He came from Hong Kong, and being a non-Malaysian was curious of how we Chinese originated.Told him that "Oh,Malaysia was a strategic place for trade activity long long ago. It attracted China and India traders to Malaysia.Subsequently, most China traders got married to Malaysian and settled down. And that's how we are originated." Then, he further asked how baba and nyonya originated? i was dumbfounded and tried to recall History Classes in Secondary school.haha! At the end, i don't know how to answer him. Told him, i forgotten the facts and will update him when i got the info. Haha, pai seh :p As a Chinese Malaysian forgotten the tracks.


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