Thursday, July 19, 2007

Strong Sentiments

Been speaking to some friends and associates in both Malaysia & Singapore the past few days. And reading the press too.

It's quite amazing (and in a way, very nice) to see how strong their national sentiments are.

Malaysians are a lucky lot - wonderful nature, rich in colours, great mix of food and with modern cities of KL and Penang - big icons of twin towers, KLIA and megamalls accross the nation.

On the other hand, city-state Singapore boasts of being the world's port, IT hub of Asia, business & finance hub plus its greenery and cleanliness! Not to mention, its ever improving list of excitements that the Government is injecting!

So, its really interesting to see how proud some friends are of their country when I speak to them - the atmosphere is buzzing in both cities :)

And that really makes us proud and lively to be around them :)

Btw, mentioning about Singapore... this is the sneak preview of our sister of project to The Malaysia Page..

Welcome, Singapore!

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