Friday, October 26, 2007

See Red - Positively

Most of us, I believe, throughout our lives, would in someway or other have had some people seeing red on the things we do.

We could be students, working adults or even in our old age. Each stage of life, there might be some groups who are envious. For example, as students, others may be jealous of your results, or your sports performance; in office, others may be envious of your high position or salary; while in old age - others may be envious of your good health or children's success... the list goes on.

The question is how do we move on from here, when we know others may not seem too happy with our works? In a positive manner, I take that because we have something special that we are being noticed. This will eventually lead to jealously.

But the point is, others only take notice of us when we have something unique in oursleves... and they may feel lack or even not getting it.

To the extreme, some will go the distance up to copying our works. That is of course not very nice if it's a direct copy, similar to that of piracy.

And I'm also surprised we recently have another company copying our idea of The Malaysia Page fully, up to the graphics! Though they have taken the copied down, I agree with my friend's comment that this only makes our idea much more special and unique... and that it does work :)

So, there goes, when others see red in us, let's take it in our stride and just move on with our lives :)

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  1. Hmmm..agree with you that jealousy happens everywhere. Yeah, i even hated those people who only start to notice you and try to get close to you when they realise you had something they don't have. Before that, they don't even notice you or simply say ignore you like you don't exist. Haha...guess there are people like that sometimes. Just have to be humble in front of them so that they won't feel so much of jealousy anymore? Probably huh? Haha, have a nice day everyone


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