Friday, October 19, 2007

China's 40 Richest

The Forbe's list for China is remarkable and to one large extend stunning! It sees all 40 in the list being billionaires, an up from 15 the year prior. And their their total nett worth also tripples from US$38b to US$120b. This is a remarkable showcase of why the awaken Dragon is gaining so much attention.

Property is the no. 1 listing with a total of 14 spots and some congolmerates taking some spots in between. Apart from the property, again, B2B seems to be the key here, with many companies involved in manufacturing, though there are 2 internet companies - Baidu & Tencent Holdings.

The majority of the list also resides in the province of Guangdong, and only a handful living in Shanghai & Beijing. This is rather a huge contrast to the list in Malaysia, who mostly have offices in the capital city.

What makes this list powerful is how China's richest has grown so much so fast. As a comparison, just a year ago, their worth was just US$10b more than Singapore, or US$12b more than Malaysia. But now it is 4 times more than Singapore, and 2.5 times more than the Malaysian list.

This again goes to show the big potential in this populated country with demands in nearly every good imaginable - from mass to high end products. And truly a country not to be missed by any company seeking grounds in Asia, if not the world.

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