Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Malaysia 50 Years Book

Yes, that is the new idea I've mentioned :)

Now, let's see how this idea of the book came about. Firstly, over the months of promoting The Malaysia Page, we found that many Malaysian based companies have given us the feedback that they would like something that they can feel & touch - basically, a book/ magazine. Although this came as a lil surprise initially, but we took their feedback.

And then, we thought, that we wanted to actually do some souvenirs for Malaysia 50 Years too... a gift that people will keep even in years to come, and hopefully will be something very precious. Afterall, this is an important year for Malaysia, and she will only celebrate it once!

Next, this idea ties in with my hope of giving something back to Malaysians - a souvenir for them, as we plan to give some books free.

So, after some discussions, I am proud to announce that we are going to publish the book, Malaysia 50 Years: The Commemorative Book, this year.

This book will be unique, as it will feature contributions from anyone in the world on anything about Malaysia - from photographs, writings/ stories, and drawings. Hence, become a book that is truly from the viewpoint of others and not from just a perspective of the author or publisher.

Finally, I would like to request that if you have anything you would like to contribute in writing/ drawing/ photo of Malaysia, please email us. It would be nice to be part of this history :) Just imagine, in years to come, say even in 2057, the future generation will look up to us and say, now that was Malaysia, and how she has grown!

More details are at Malaysia 50 Years: The Commemorative Book.

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