Sunday, September 30, 2007

Flock Together

'Birds of a feather flock together'... we know that phrase very well. But let's see how we can apply that in life.

If you see around you, our circle of friends are of similar activities, behaviour and mindset. I've read before, we are the closest to the 10 closest people we have.

I recently watched a program on TV on school dropouts and all 3 of the students queried mentioned that it was due to their friends 'recommendation'. This shows how positive the people we mix with can influence us.

Hence, this makes it very important for us to select our friends properly. I know of some entrepreneurs who even mentioned that 'we may need to find new friends'... like if we want to be a 'xxx', we have to mix with those in the circle of 'xxx'. Like if we want to be a billionaire, we may need to leave the millionaire mentality; if we want to be a good worker, we need to mix less with other clerics who continue to simply complain on their work.

These entrepreneurs have a point, though I'm not suggesting we leave our friends, but to know our boundaries, and to find new 'boundaries'.

So, though being inspired may need lots of courage for us to look beyond the familiar circle, but I believe it will be a decision well worth it.

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