Friday, September 21, 2007

Being No. 1

My friend sent me a newsletter from one famous USA entrepreneur, who he is a big fan of.

In his letter, he mentioned that in whatever we do, we should aim to be number 1.

It striked a chord with me. I have always believe that it doesn't matter what job or position we do, but if we are to do it, we shold be number 1.

Some people have the entrepreneurial spirit, and they have their business ventures. They could be just starting out, or with vast experiences and many successful businesses.

Just see how this applies by taking a look at the top 500 Fortune companies. They are mainly all top of their fields! And with such a huge gap to their other competitors!

Even in country specifics, it's those entrepreneurs who aim to be the best in their field achive the highest positions in their own turf.

This principle works because our actions will follow our vision and dreams, hence eventually, we will succeed in it.

This can be applied to all aspects of businesses. For example, that is why we have wonderful blockbuster movies which are done to perfection and which are in the top movies lists up to today - Starwars, Lord Of The Rings; legendary songs which can be a few decades old, but still sings in our hearts - from singers like Elvis, Beatles; or any other products which continue to be part of our lives (maybe enhanced versions - like the TV or computer). Also just look at luxury resorts or condominiums, the beautiful buildings with superb architecture or finance companies in the world who all want the big finance pie... the list just goes on!

Now this can also be applied to other parts of our lives too. Even if we are employees, we can have this goal of being number 1 in our field. And that needn't need to be any specific position, or only in high management for that matter. WE could just be holding normal positions, but we enjoy what we are doing. Again, when we do this, we will then take our job with more fun and enthusiasm, and productivity increases... and most importantly of all, we will enjoy & not find it burdensome to go to work! And our clerics or clients will be able to 'feel' us differently and would leave a lasting inspiring impression on them :)

So, again, when I read that newsletter, it once again got me back on track on my belief of aiming nothing than the numero uno position! :)


  1. Hey, that is a wakening call for me too. Been swaying off a little for the past few weeks due to some lame reasons. Haha, reminds me of an Economic Lecturer, Mr. Hong, teaching in Malacca High School. He also mentioned before this in one of his class. To be the best no matter what occupation you doing. Nice nice, gambade everyone.

  2. Hey, talking about Mr Hong! He's an inspiration... I believe he applies this principle in his work, and that is why he is looked upon by many of his students.


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