Monday, September 17, 2007

Staying With The Dream

I had a conversation with a friend last night. In fact, it was more like a friendly debate.

I would like to share some part of it.

Briefly, there is a mention that books are hard to sell. Speak to industry players in this region and they will tell you the same stories. To one extend, I agree.

When I published my book, I didn't know anything about the industry. All I had was this dream of seeing a beautiful coffee-table book, with outstanding photographs taken in beautiful backdrops. I had this dream for 1 year before the published book.

Hence, later, the book was published. It met all of my criteria from beautiful photography to the design & layout. I fell in love with it, literally.

Then came the wakening call. What am I to do with the printed copies?

Hence, started my rounds of promoting the book from participating in events, trade fairs, liasing with bookstores & distributors and making this book a high-end corporate gift to those companies that can afford and look the value into it.

I must mention, there were many times when I felt like giving up. At times, the mention of the book scared me, as I just couldn't figure a way to get the books to sell. This especially so when as an independent publisher, funds were limited.

Add that with friends & relatives who just seem to not understand the passion I have behind my works. Some were skeptical and at times their words do seem to give a blow, especially when the going already seems tough. It was like going into a battle alone.

However, the good thing was, I followed my heart to stay on promoting the book. And finally, I managed to see some light now. I couldn't imagine if I've given up on this hope & dream of sharing the beauty of batik, Malaysian lifestyle & interior, plus beautiful photography to the world.

It was that little voice in me that said to continue staying with the dream, and I'm glad I followed it as now, we can share this book with our overseas customers.

I'm inspired by writers like J.K.Rowling from Harry Potter series who was a struggling mum who lived on state benefits writing in cafes, and whose first Harry Potter was rejected by 12 publishers, before it was first seen to print.

Similar to that, Paulo Coelho, whom I've mentioned in one of my previous post, too only had 900 copies for his first run of his book, The Alchemist. But now, it's a worldwide bestseller with over 60 languages translated and over 40 million copies sold internationally.

These people believed in their dreams and though some may call it luck, I call it perseverence. And as you can see, these people have succeeded despite all the obstacles they faced.

You and I can too, simply if we continue to stay with the dream.

My Dream Book - Batik Inspirations

The book I mentioned by Paulo:

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