Monday, September 10, 2007

Inspiring Book Review: The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho

The story revolves around the main character of a shepherd boy, Santiago whose desires to travel lead him to rare sheeps, walking from town to town selling his wools.

However his care-free life changed when he first wanted to meet again a merchant's daughter after a year. But before he could do that, he stops and met an old man (King of Salem) who then told him to follow his heart (and dreams) - where he is to find treasure in the pyramids.

Along the course of his journey, the boy meets with very intersting characters like gypsies, crystal shop merchant, the caravan & an Englishman, a desert woman - Fatima whom he later fell in love, and finally the alchemist.

These characters played a part in bringing the boy closer to his dreams, and more importantly shaping the thoughts of the boy who began to 'live his dreams' and follow his heart.

Written in a easy to read, and simple way, this book will inspire us to follow our dreams and gut feel. And the thoughts of the boy are well explained which are sometimes similar to our own thoughts - about others and oneself, gives a reflection on our lives as well.

Paulo Coelho is known for his inspiring books. This book is the Brazillian author's second book, which at first only drew 900 copies, but for his determination went on to be a bestseller with now over 61 languages translated and with 40 million copies sold worldwide.


  1. Have you read other books by Coelho? I've only read The Alchemist and didn't like it much so I'm kind of wary of his other books!

  2. yes i did. but found this better. if you dont like this, i doubt ull like the others, for if not wrong, they are in the similar style.


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