Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Favourite Animation Movies

I've done some of my favourite TV cartoons, and here are my own list of favourite animation movies/ cartoons that I watched/ managed to watch.. compiled based on order it is completed (The ones in blue are my super favourites!).

1. Who Framed Roger Rabbit

who framed roger rabbit
Not sure how many remember this... but it's one of the cartoons I'd remember watching as a kid. At that time, there aren't that many animation that is being released & shown here hence of course it makes this quite a fun watch (which kid wouldn't?).

Btw, I still remember KFC tying up with this movie - buy KFC and get the bunny & friends toys!

*I'm putting this here though it's not full animation cos I think this is one of the very first animation movies I've watched when it was still hot (ie newly released).

2. The Little Mermaid

the little mermaid

Why I like it:
Well, living underwater (singing & dancing as well) - this is rather imaginative. But what I like most is the songs & the group dances - like Under The Sea & Kiss The Girl. Till today, I think songs from The Little Mermaid is still one of the best songs an animation have produced.

3. Beauty & The Beast

beauty & the beast
I can't remember much from this movie but I do know that is has good songs, great animation (the ballroom dance is still remarkable to me till today) and a decent storyline - one with Disney's heart warming touch.

However, if I can change one part - wouldn't it be better if the Beast remained as... the Beast?

4. Aladdin

aladdinMystical and magical.. ahh, the kind of story I like. Flying carpet, genie, Arabian city - what a good mix... And like this period, I love the songs from the movie especially one where the Genie sings and the other of course, the main theme song A Whole New World.

5. Lion King

the lion king Another one of my favourite storylines: the nobody-turn-hero story. Again, it's this time when Disney's movies have great memorable songs like the romantic Elton John's Can You Feel The Love Tonight or the other Disney's trademark, the pompous I Just Can't Wait To Be King.

6. Toy Story

toy story
Moving away from the traditional way of the late 80s & early 90s style of musical animation comes Toy Story. Gone are the group songs or even romantic duets.

But still, this movie found a place in me.. and while I must say that though I can't remember Toy Story 1 nor 2 much, but it is the more recent Toy Story 3 that captures my attention most - mainly for its heart warming storyline (awwww).

And even without that many songs, the main theme song You've Got A Friend In Me, is still one cool song!

7. A Bug's Life

a bugs life
Antz vs A Bug's Life - and I'd give the latter the thumbs up... somehow the more down to earth blue ant seems more appealing. Btw, the story is again similar to The Lion King - yes, the unexpected hero.

8. Shrek

Usually, the prince is the ugly one while the princess is the pretty one.. but not in this case (hence maybe the tagline - the greatest fairytale ever).

But anyway that doesn't matter here - the movie is funny, and the songs used are popular catchy tunes.. which makes the movie rather exciting! And that zorro like cat & his pussy eyes (who can forget him holding the hat with the sad sad eyes? haha!)

9. Monsters, Inc

monsters inc
One of my other all time favourite animation is this (again) heart warming story.. of a very unlikely match: a ferocious monster and an innocent little girl (and the funny green one eyed monster)... But like most movies, the girl manage to turn the monster around to show his caring side (awwww).

10. Lilo & Stitch

lilo & stitch
I think I've said enough of the blue alien character in my previous blog post: Ohana Means Family, which btw is my favourite cartoon of all time, so far.

11. Finding Nemo

finding nemo
Okay, I like the sea a lot.. so when it comes with underwater animation, it usually fascinates me. But of course, I think this movie did well in animation - the colours are astounding and it has a rather interesting & unique storyline - a fish and its adventure across the globe!

Btw, I recall the jelly fish scene and also the ending where the fishes were all trapped in the plastic wraps (now were they eventually back into the sea?)

12. The Incredibles

the incredibles
Another type of movies that I like - superheroes... yeah, your average human beings who acts just like everyone else, but who actually are heroes with superpowers. So that obviously make me like this movie... but more than that, I like this animation too for it is not about just 1 superhero, but instead it's a group - and a family too!

That's where teamwork comes into play - putting aside their differences!.

13. Madagascar

Not another lion cartoon? Well no doubt there's a lion here, but this is not like the more serious Lion King.. instead, it's a group of funny & superly hilarious bunch of zoo animals. While the main casts of the lion, giraffe, hippopotamus and zebra are cool - but so are the sidekick penguins! (the movie just won't be the same without them!).

14. Happy Feet

happy feet
I never thought much of this animation by its poster.. but I was in for a good ride watching this movie. I remember leaving the cinema very inspired & yes, happy!

15. Ratatouille

While the past decade saw mainly animals only or human only cartoons, but this rat movie bridged the gap.. it was a friendship between humans, and errr.. rats! The setting in scenic Paris and the set in the kitchen were also plus points to this movie.

*While I enjoyed this movie, however, I doubt that many people will have bought rats as compared to buying the fish (from Finding Nemo).. haha!

16. Kung Fu Panda

kung fu pandaJust like Ratatouille, I like this movie for its beautiful setting - set in non other than great China! Great kung fu fighting scenes, great animation, but more to it, I like this animation most for its inspiring message - to believe in one's self (who says cartoon is bad for kids.. and adults too?).

17. WALL-E

wall e
Think robots & cartoons - and usually the image of super robots come into mind. But in this movie, it's not the case to be.. instead comes a robot that is maybe less than 1/1oth the size of Optimus Prime from Transformers!

But still I find this movie heart warming.. although it still uses the same storyline of the 'unexpected' hero - with a touch of romance. Robot in love - ah, that's interesting!

18. Up

Another unusual combination - a blur, talkative & fat scout with a grumpy old man. But in fact, it is this contrasting characters that make this animation work.

I like the opening of this movie where it bring the viewers on the love story of the old man & his wife.. and I also like the part where the house can actually fly - now that's animation alrite!

Whew, what a long list there..! Yes, I am an animation fan - big time. haha!
Btw, is there any of your favourite animation that I've missed?


  1. argh....i like kungfu panda and toy story 3 :)

  2. Wow, that's a lot of movies! ^^ I love all of Disney's and Pixar's movies too~ XD Thanks for sharing~ It's a good post~

  3. I love all that you have mentioned except for the first one. :D

  4. I know all of that above! except the first one. :( is that nice?? i will try surf on youtube! :D

  5. Any cartoon movies from Disney would be a great movie..tQ


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