Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Manukan Island

Manukan Island/ Pulau Manukan

manukan island, jettyUpon arriving on Manukan, I can hear myself saying "wow, this is paradise!"

manukan island, sea boatI knew this was going to be one good island experience just seeing the blue waters!

manukan island, jetty fishAnd the fishes in the sea - so, so clear! This really starts getting the tourists all excited (me included! haha).

manukan island jettyIt was such a wonderful welcome - of nature & blue skies!

manukan island seaviewWalking into the island, the first beautiful thing to greet us tourists - the beach with such a beautiful view.

manukan island beach kayakI just couldn't help admiring the view... simply breathtaking!

manukan island beach longAnyway, my task - to find a good spot to relax haha! At first I passed by this long stretch of beach.

manukan island beach rocksDespite being so awed, I didn't rushed to the beach just yet. Instead, I walked further to the other part of the beach.

manukan island beach rocksThe view here is just as great too, but I wanted to explore more first.

manukan island seaviewI continued walking to the back of the island, which is rockier but have the view of Kota Kinabalu.

manukan island restaurantAnd then, I was back to near where I started - which is in this open air restaurant under the shady trees.

manukan island bbqThere were some tour groups enjoying the grilled bbq food! (to which I later found out is a package of RM100).

manukan island coconut drinkWell, I didn't came with that package, but I thought I'll also 'live the island life' - yes, one fresh coconut drink for the road!

manukan island seaviewHaving the coconut drink with such a beautiful view... this is pure bliss!

manukan island traditional live musicOh, and I had the traditional music being played at the background too... to add more to this beautiful island life!

manukan island beach quietDone with the drink, it was time to head to the beach to 'claim my spot'!

manukan island beachI decided to head to the other part of the beach, which was less crowded.

manukan island beach chairThe beach was like 'nearly all mine', except for a few others (btw, they are most likely either the hotel guests or have paid RM50 for the beach chairs).

manukan island snorkeling fishWith the beach spot claimed, next, it was time to head into the sea and swim with the fishes (plus seeing the corals). Wow!

manukan island coconut treeIn between snorkeling, I took some breaks resting on the soft sands, under the big coconut trees. What more can I ask for.... ahhh :)

manukan island beach sunsetBefore long, the sun started to set (time always seem short when one is having fun!).

manukan island jettyAnd it was back to the jetty once again... which even seems to give such a wonderful goodbye (and the 'please come again'!)

manukan island ferryAs it was 5pm, a lot of tourists were waiting to go up to their respective boats (one is to go up the same boat he/she came from).

manukan island jetty sunsetSome had to wait a while... However, I find the wait ok, as I got to see such a beautiful sunset.

manukan island boatOne by one the boats came, and off we were leaving the beautiful Manukan Island and its memories. Manukan Island may not be the best island in Sabah for snorkeling or diving, but I think for it's near distance to Kota Kinabalu (KK), it's well worth it... a mini summer paradise!

manukan island boat kota kinabalu viewAlthough there was a lil part saying that I'll miss the Manukan Island... however, there was an exciting feeling going back on the boat... with Kota Kinabalu in sight, I knew there were just more to experience back in Sabah!

And that's coming up next! :)

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  1. Wow... the scenery is indeed breathtaking!

  2. i'm in the hospiatlity industry to be exact, a communications person with an international hotel somewhere 20minutes from town :).

  3. yes, agree with daydreamer... esp for beach lovers and divers, it is awesome..
    seeing yr pics is enough.. looking forward to more..

  4. beautiful beautiful place...paradise on earth...nice pictures ya!!

  5. Wow! It's nice in Manukan island ... i only been to Mabul Island and its surrounding two years back... really different from West Malaysia... :)

    I love the jetty photo!
    Q, you really know how to enjoy your life! :))

  7. wow! manukan island is really pretty!

    i've never been there
    looking at those photos, manukan island is one of the island everyone should go to!

  8. Love the photos! What's there on the island besides the sun, sea, sand and snorkelling? Is there any watersport? I suppose the scenery is enough to keep one occupied, eh? Thanks for sharing the beauty, QC.

  9. OK, it's confirmed. Will go Manukan Island in April. Haha! The place is just so breathtaking! Love the photos! : )

  10. to all, yes, do visit this beautiful island. i actually didnt expect the islands near kk to be this beautiful too! :)

  11. I've always loved going to KK...or Sabah in general. Breathtaking beaches and mountains. The beautiful scenery is amazing!!!

  12. @stp
    yes indeed! btw do u go here often? :)

  13. Hi QuaChee.. May I know how much it cost to get to Manukan Island from KK??

  14. @emi
    it varies, but i took the rm17 one.
    more of it here:

    ru going kk soon? :)


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