Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Rent & Ride Motorbike In Bali (My Experience)

It's been a while since I rode the motorbike, but that didn't deter me from renting a motorbike - a scooter in fact, during my recent trip to Bali.

Call it an impulse decision, or call it wanting to relieve the teenage days. Or simply call it - cos I was on a holiday.. on an island!

Well, first off the ride wasn't as smooth as I've had expected. Well what to expect - I was rusty after all.

And I have never rode a scooter, and was a lil uncomfortable with the brakes.

But I guess what really complicated things were the heavy traffic in Bali. Especially the area I stayed at Kuta.

There are a lot of cars and other motorbikes too. Traffic - was rather heavy (surprise, surprise!) and you can say - dangerous.

There were times I couldn't brake on time, and for that I went rather slow. Motorbikes were overtaking as well - especially at the crossroads and once the lights turned green and I thought that that was a lil dangerous.

Owh, and I rode all the way from Kuta to Uluwatu. With getting lost and all, it took me over an hour to reach the destination.

I took some time to stop, rest & enjoy the sunset on the way to Uluwatu.
But saying it all, riding the motorbike has its fair share of fun. I could enjoy the view better, and stop along the way . It's through this that I chanced to meet a talented little girl at her mum's food stall. And how I found Lia Cafe Jimbaran - by actually getting lost!

Also, there's just something different about riding the bike on an island holiday.. yes just like in the movies. Haha!

So do I recommend renting a bike in Bali? Well you can. But here's my tips: be careful especially on the busy roads and don't ride too far - unless you are staying for long and has familiarized yourself with Bali's traffic.

I wonder why it's called Teh Tarik. Lol. These are the oils sold along the road. 
Owh, and I was also told not to buy those oils sold at shops along the roads, despite it being convenient. For apparently some are not genuine.

Have fun!

*Got my scooter through the hotel. It's not that cheap after all the additional costs (insurance, if not wrong).

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