Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Jalan Imbi Hokkien Mee - Restaurant Wing Heng Seng

Think KL food - and I think KL hokkien mee. Yes, cos the black and fat noodles is only found in this city! And it's yummy too!

So before I lived here, whenever I came to KL, I'd try grab some of the noodles! And the one restaurant I frequent lots is this at Jalan Imbi.

I was told this restaurant has its beginnings since 1960s. For a restaurant that long, it can't go wrong.

The hokkien mee here is good - where it's neither too dry or wet. And it comes with the unmistakable sambal.

The restaurant here also serves other dishes like kuay teow hokkien noodles or the wa tan hor. But still nothing beats the main dish why I visit here - the hokkien noodles.

Now as to say if this is the best hokkien mee in KL, well probably not (for my taste).. but my mum loves it here most. For me, it still is one of the best in town.

*Btw I like the open air of the restaurant where it isn't too stuffy.

*The restaurant is located near the Honda showroom, and just walking distance from the major hotels in Jalan Bukit Bintang. For the hokkien mee, go during evenings/ nights.

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