Friday, October 26, 2012

I'm Playing The Agent Dash Game App

With already so many things to do, I hardly have the time to play games (okay, put that I shouldn't have time for them).

Well in fact, I've never really played much of them even during childhood days..

But then, there's the iPad. And while time is limited, but a simple game that requires short learning curve and short playing time kinda change that a bit.

One of the games - most people know is Angry Birds. Then a few (or is it many) popular games later, comes Temple Run.

Well, this is not Temple Run, but a 'copy' of it. However instead of tilting the device, Agent Dash needs fingers to move the agent.

The game is fairly simple - collect as many diamonds, and avoid the blocks on the path by turning left, right, jump or slide. Ah, anyone can play this - and now you know why I do too.

And with points collected, one can purchase additional items like the extra life saver, which comes in handy because this game don't have extra lives for the agent. Meaning if you crash into something, you start back at square one.

That's probably the setback of the game, and maybe the reason I spend not as much time to it as say the Angry Birds.

Owh but I must say the graphics in the game is quite cool - which is one of the main reason how I got into playing this game. There's quite a buzz about that online.

But then I have only seen 3 different scenes so far, and wonder if that's all there is.

Owh and I also like the animated characters that the agent does when winning a level, making it feel a lil more 'interactive'.

In overall, it's worth to download & play this app - during the free time.. and even if it's just for a bit :)

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  1. Looks like temple run. So you have to dash here and there. :D


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