Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Best Roasted Chicken Ever - Go Fast Bali!

Before this trip, I never knew that Bali has that much good food - and varied too!

While I've tried the babi guling and the pork ribs.. which were really good, but nothing beats this Go Fast roasted chicken!!

This to me is the best roasted chicken I've tried, and that is coming from a fan of roasted chicken!

Now again thanks to my Bali buddy for introducing this French restaurant. For I wouldn't have guessed even if I pass by here - as it seemed really quiet. But then again, we went in the early evening..

And while they serve pizza too, my friend suggested to just have the roasted chicken.

And in a short while, the plump, juicy and succulent chicken was served. The spices is so well penetrated in the chicken. And it comes with delicious gravy too. All for a perfect roasted chicken meal!

Honestly, I will want to come back here again. But the next time, I'll make sure to have an empty stomach for this! :)

Jalan Raya Semer | Jalan Mertanadi, Canggu, Bali 80327, Indonesia.

Opens 11am - 10pm. This place has delivery too.

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