Monday, October 01, 2012

Espressamente illy @ Pavilion KL!

I love cafes. Yes, I do (very much)!

And amongst the cafes I like is this one - the Espressamente illy, the cafe located in the heart of KL.. at non other than the cool hangout mall - the Pavilion!

While the name is quite a mouthful to mention, but you can spot this cafe easily. It's located outside the mall - near the landmark fountain.

With that of course comes the sunshine with it (if you visit it in the day). Some locals may not enjoy this as much, but actually that's one of its cool points too.

I can still be a 'tourist' in this city and enjoy a relaxing evening.. thanks to Espressamente Illy!
For me, I like to hangout here in the evening when the weather is just nicely warm and not too hot. And if lucky, one can get a good spot looking at the fountain!

Now what is a cafe without its signature coffee, right? Apparently the coffee has been around for ages (since 1933).. and is made from a good mix of beans across South & Central America, India & Africa. So that should be a good try.

I say so cos I didn't try their coffee - me being a non coffee drinker.

But still, I'm not left out. The food here is especially yummy.

I got the chance to try some of the food while filming our series Summer Love: KL! here. We had the chicken breast with mixed grilled vegetables.

While that was nice, I prefer the spicy spaghetti with tuna. Both of these blends in so well, unlike some other places which makes it kinda separated (and makes it feels cheap).

And to top it, the bread here is awesome. Love the texture of the bread. And how it's served in a basket - with olive oil. Call that a rather high standard for a cafe!

Talking bout breads, I went back one other time - and the toast I tried... was just AWESOME! Now, toast is simple, really. But I don't understand why some cafes just can't get it right. This however, knows how to make a simple toast - (oh so) yummy!

The best part is the prices here is not too pricey and is quite comparable to most good cafes.

Truly a good place to have good food & hangout - in the heart of KL. A good place to go for tourists and even locals! :)

Watch the cafe being featured in Summer Love: KL!, and see how Tiffany is at the sunny area! :D

*Pavilion outlet at:
Lot 10.00.03
Jalan Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur
Tel:03 2141 0028

*There's also another outlet in Bangsar. 

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  1. Never had a chance to dine in that cafeteria before.. always pass by that place , ended up will be in ground floor hunt for food..;P


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