Thursday, September 27, 2012

How To Do A Movie 'Marathon'!

I used to watch back to back movies in the cinema. A movie 'marathon' - I'd coin it.

On many times, I'd watch 3 movies. And I've even watched 4 movies - back to back.

And recently, over the long weekend, and as a form of 'rewarding' myself, I once again found myself doing the movie 'marathon'!

Now, here's some tips & advise!

1. Book the tickets early!
With all the online booking & booking apps, getting the tickets early is now possible.

Why is this important? Well besides wanting to get the right shows and good seats, it's also good to plan on the movie times. Meaning, no clashes in timings.

The best tip here is to leave some time after a movie ends and before the next movie starts.

2. Watch A Good Mix Of Movies!
I'm not sure for others, but this is what I'd suggest. Usually, I'd pick 2 from my favourite genres (if available), and the rest - something still good but from different genres.

In my recent movie 'marathon', I watched the biography of Katy Perry, the Canto thriller Bullet Vanishes & the thriller / action movie Cold Light Of Day

This is not to overload oneself. Remember too much of something is bad enough :)

3. Choose The Right Day To Watch!
Continuing from point 1 & 2, it's important that the day you are choosing to do the 'marathon' has enough good movies to your liking.

And that you've not already watched them. If there isn't enough good to watch cut down on the no. of movies. No point watching movies that you'd regret spending your time & money on.

4. Dress Right! Wear Your Favourite Tee!

Like the saying goes, dressing gives the mood, so dress up like you are going out for a fun time!

For me, it's simple - wear my favorite Batman tee will do the trick! ;)

5. Bring a jacket!
Movie theatres can get cold. And it will only feel colder if you are in the theaters for hours.

Feels like overseas? Yes, it can get cold.. luckily, I brought my jacket along!
So a good jacket that can warm yourself is important. You don't want the room temperature to spoil your movie experience!

6. Have break meals!
Yes it's a 'marathon'. But this is a leisure one - so take your time, and schedule meal breaks.

Of course, one can opt for the counter food & snacks, but given time, I'd rather go for some good food in between.

I had a simple Japanese meal in between the movies. 
This may not need to take so much time - probably around 30 mins to an hour.

In fact, you can also schedule a full course meal too - with the right planning!

7. Invite your friends!
Not many would love to do a movie 'marathon'. But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the movie with friends.

What one can do is simply get different group of friends to accompany you for different movies.

In between the movies, you can still hangout & chill with them.

On my last movie, I had my family members over for dinner at one of my favourite cafes, before watching the movie together. 

Tho if you are watching 3-4 movies, you might expect 1-2 movies to be watched alone.

I know some creep out from that idea, but hey, it's only watching movies and during the time, the engagement is usually you and the movie..!

8. Don't Overwatch!
It might be the weekend, or your day off.. but still you'd want enough rest.

Know your limits. Don't cause tiredness out of something you are suppose to enjoy (yes watching movies cabled to that).

And if you are new to this, maybe just watch 2 movies for the start.. and slowly increase it in the future.

Well there you have it. Simple guides to do a movie 'marathon'! May you find these tips useful and create your own movie 'marathon' experiences!!

*Have not done 5 back to back movies yet. That would be something!

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  1. I somehow always end up falling asleep during the movie marathon LOLOLOL most i've gone is probs 2 movies in one go hahaha


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