Monday, September 24, 2012

Presented At Webcamp KL!

Last month was rather busy for us. It was after all the screening months of Summer Love KL!

But that as many would say - is a good way of being busy. For on top of that, we (me & Arico, from had the opportunity to speak to about 100 people at Webcamp KL.. which btw is "a series of free events in the spirit of BarCamp with specific focus on topics
 related to "working" on the web".

In this event, we presented our talk about how we used the smartphone (in this case, the iPhone) for our film making and also using the same smartphone to create our marketing materials/ mechanics. 

We shared about both the hardwares involved and the softwares - including the apps we used. Hence, the title "My Camera? It's The iPhone".

It was a good pleasure to have shared on this platform to 'industry players' (ie. the web people).

Here are some of the pics during the event. 

Just before the event, tadaa.... !

"Now, here's how you do it..." :D
Arico's turn on "how to do it"
At the end of the event, I just had to pose with the Wonder Woman figure at the front of the office of Mind Valley (where the event was held).

And for those keen to know what we presented or as a 'reference' to those who attended, here's the presentation slides! :)

*On a personal note, am looking forward to more speaking engagements - on film making, social media or travel! :)


  1. That is very cool! I hope you guys can come over to Kuching to promote my city! =)

  2. Congrats on your achievement so far!
    When's Ipoh turn? :)


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