Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Setiawalk's Cafe: Tipsy Brew O'Coffee

Hangout at Puchong? Really?

Well, usually I don't. No offence, but the roads in the area and the constant changes & road blocks don't quite excite me.

But that - is about to change. And well, thanks to a rather cool hangout place Setiawalk.

I was there recently - and am kinda impressed. It's quite a cool place, and what a pleasant surprise. More so with this cafe I "found" - Tipsy Brew O'Coffee.

What attracted me to it? The designs. This cafe has 'character'. They put their effort into making the cafe look unique yet comfy.. quite a plus especially so in the Klang Valley (tho yes I admit we have more cool cafes springing up nowadays).

The cafe also boasts of its different types of brewed coffee - siphon, French press and hand-dip. That is probably what a coffee lover will look for.

But for me (a non coffee drinker), I enjoyed their other drinks and food. The drinks met the usual standard cafe drinks, and the local food - they were awesome!

The cakes were good - and they were served with a special touched! Awwww :)

The mee rebus & northern style laksa tasted really yummy. I'm usually not a fan of mee rebus but this was good - as the soup wasn't too thick or heavy.

The same goes with the laksa, which was the 'lighter' version than the usual laksa I've had.

The food prices were good too - a lil below the usual rates, going about RM10 plus per plate!

Well, anyway, I spent a good few hours there.. and really, don't mind going back (soon)!! :)

A satisfied customer - me! Haha :)

*C-7-G Block C, Setiawalk
Persiaran Wawasan
Pusat Bandar Puchong
47160 Puchong

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  1. Greetings Qua Chee,

    I am very satisfied too with Tipsy's service and food! I love their coffee!

    It's really nice to hangout around Setia Walk, restaurants there are extremely good! See http://goodplace.my/blog/setiawalk/ to see how good the place is!

    Thanks for posting this BTW :)



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