Friday, September 14, 2012

Summer Love: KL! - The Final Episode (Of A Complicated Love Story)

This post is way overdue. For this episode has been up bout 2.5 weeks back. But well, I've never felt that Summer Love: KL! has ended.. in fact, there' more to this series, still. And I'm not talking just about the future cities we are going to shoot in.

For example, the songs will (hopefully) go on air. Yes, radio. Then, we've been giving talks - in fact, we did one recently too (that's gonna be up soon!).

But well in terms of how the story is... yes, this is the finale. The one where the 'complicated' love story ends. Ah, yes, Tiffany finally made up her mind! Haha!

Owh btw, I like this episode for the suprise in the middle (hint: ooooo... ahhhh!).

And I also like this episode because.. it features our theme song!! Yes, the chirpy & happy song "Summer Love" sung by Naturally Vocal is featured here! Honestly, it brings good mood lah, listening to it! :D

Anyway, without much further ado... here's Episode 5!

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