Wednesday, September 05, 2012

My McD Toys!

Toys? I love them! Like a grown up kid that never grown up, I am! Haha!

And to a good surprise.. McD recently have had a new set of toys promotions - the Young Justice toys! Okay call them collectibles!

Now what drew my attention at first is actually the Batman figurine. You can guess I've spotted the Batman from afar!

Yes it's true - cos the posters promoting the toys are not actually that prominently displayed. Instead it's at the corners of the menu bar (most places).

Well I must say I am lucky.. for that evening I decided to hop into McD and get some "happy meal".. to cheer up a rather long day. And well, happy was I!

Anyway, I've gotten the set.. week by week, I went to McD!! I've got the Superboy, Superman and of course - Batman! The only one missing is actually the Robin :(

This I'd say is due to the mix of dates in 1 of the outlets I regular to (*sob).

But at least, I still have the Batman figurine - the most precious of them all!

*Im still looking for ways to get my hands on the Robin - to complete my set!!


  1. Hi Qua Chee, come to your blog for the first time, it seems like you are a big MCD fan:)



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