Thursday, November 08, 2012

Bali Good Food: Ayam Bertutu Khas Gilimanuk

With so much food reviews on Bali food, this island sure feels like a food heaven!! And yes, in many ways it is!

And this is one of the local food that I tried - the ayam bertutu (braised chicken)!

The restaurant is called Ayam Bertutu Khas Gilimanuk.. and honestly, most tourists might not even know bout this place. Or even if one were to pass by it, he/ she may not necessarily pay a visit.

For the shop do look really plain. And that means - very local. But that is probably a selling point too. For it serves one of the better local food around!!

The epitome of them all is of course non other than the Ayam Bertutu Gilimanuk - braised chicken with herbs like garlic, turmeric, shallots, ginger, lemongrass, chilies, bay leaves and kaffir lime leaves.

This is really for fans who love spicy food, as it is (extremely) hot and spicy. And I say that - coming from one who loves spicy food!

The meat is soft and tender and the gravy is delicious!

There's also the Ayam Bertutu Goreng Gilimanuk (fried chicken) which was also nice - though I prefer the former.

The side dish - the kangkung sambal was also yummy - and fresh!

Owh and there's also the sate lilit (satay).. which is quite a traditional Balinese dish.

I had all of these on my last day - and it being my last meal. I must say that I'm glad I had it.

My Bali friend who introduced the restaurant. Thanks Denny!

And once again, all thanks to my Bali buddy who introduced this place!! :)

*One can order the set meals here - which is a choice of chicken (or duck), the vegetables and nuts.

*Price wise - it's not cheap, but Bali food is never cheap to begin with, even local food.

*The outlets' contacts in Bali:
Jl. Bypass Ngurah Rai No. 89 Tel: 08123863232 Nusa Dua
Jl. Buluh Indah No. 51 X. Tel: 0361 7407509 Denpasar
Jl. Raya Tuban No. 2 X. Tel: 0361 757535 Kuta
Jl. Merdeka No. 88 Tel: 0361 263464 Renon

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