Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Another Holiday.. Another Time In Bangkok!

I must admit. I love to travel. Lots!

Though I know I do travel quite a bit but never knew that I liked it that much.. well not till friends & families tell me that I do.

Owh, well I can't disagree. For while I'm still compiling my travel articles for Bali, and yet to write on the Singapore trip (minus the F1 race experience).. I'm already here in Bangkok with even more travel experiences!!

Well that (travel) is how I spend my annual leaves anyway.. if we are not video shooting!

Anyway, here I am. In the Land Of Smiles.. and City Of Angels - Bangkok, Thailand. In many ways, I'm back here to familiar grounds yet there's some new places to explore still!

And this time round, I'm gonna be a lil more touristy. In fact, while I'm writing this, I'm on the boat ride on my way to the Grand Palace!!

There's more to do, see and feel! And those experiences will come up soon!

In the meantime, catch my updates on my Bangkok trip through my photos at Instagram (http://web.stagram.com/n/quachee/).

*It's interesting that this will be my 1st time visiting the Grand Palace despite being here in Bangkok for over 10 times now! :)


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