Saturday, November 24, 2012

Middle Eastern Food In Bali: Happy Falafel

Why would I have Mediterranean food in Bali? Well, lets say Bali has a good variety of food. And I have a good like for variety.

So, there I am at Happy Falafel at Seminyak.

The restaurant is simple, and from the outside actually looks pretty welcoming, though a lil quiet.

The thing that I like it most here is the salad bar that they have. It comes with a wide variety of stuff - a lil similar to Subway, but probably more varied.

Foodwise, I like the meatballs recommended, served in pita bread and the mix of vegetables of my choice.

The meatballs were crunchy and yummy. And the variety of vegetables were good. I also like the part that we pick the vegetables ourselves  from the salad bar- meaning we control the amount ourselves.

The other dish I ordered - the salad. That came from the kitchen, and falls in the 'above average' zone.

Well if you are in Seminyak, this might be a worthwhile try :)

*Address: Jalan Caplak Tanduk, Seminyak – Bali

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