Monday, November 19, 2012

We Did The Wanted - Glad You Came Parody!!

Last month, we were on the grass.. dancing around. Very Bollywood, you can say.

But it's not for a Bollywood movie.. instead, it's me & Arico from once again doing a video!

This time round, it's an online parody for Boh Tea Malaysia.. and their Ummph Music Video campaign!

Ok, here's some behind the scenes. We discussed the video over 2 meetings. This time round, we have learnt our 'lesson'. So we map out each scene. Then we also listed the items we needed - from equipments to other props like the hat above and the cardboard you'll see in the video!

We also contacted the casts to get involved in this online parody. That took a bit of liasing with a list of talents. But well Arico is the pro here, so that got covered.

But anyway, the day came. We prayed for it not to rain. And it didn't, minus a short drizzle. We met up  early btw. Well to wake up 6 plus is early to me. Haha!

So, dance we did (according to the script ehem.. ehem!). We danced for a good half day. And the rest of the day was video editing.

And the result? Well.. let's hope The Wanted and their managers (and recording companies) will be er... Glad that We Came! Haha!!

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