Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sunglasses And Me!

Sunglasses. I never thought I'd wear them. Really.

When I was younger, I have been thought to always be simple. And that sunglasses were more of an accessory that people wore to get attention. 

So away from glasses I stayed. Through high school up to uni days. 

Even after that, though some friends told me to wear them, but I hardly used them. Didn't quite see the need then I guess since I've been so comfortable without. 

But then, I won a pair of sunglasses in the Men's Health Competition I joined (which I was the finalist btw hehe)... and was given a pair of sunglasses. And then too, I got back to KL and have been getting lots of sunlight cos I do drive around quite a lot. So, I used those sunglasses that I got. 

And thereafter, the story somewhat changed. I need them when I go out - to avoid being blinded by the bright sunlight. I notice the difference - pretty contrasting actually, with & without. 

And so the sunglasses is usually one of the first thing I take out and use after I start the car. 

Having been comfortable with them, I have gotten another pair of sunglasses, which I love even more. Why? Well, cos it looks cool. 

Now I know I'm gonna contradict my old school of thoughts.. but hey, I'm all grown up now, and a lil bit of style won't hurt!

In fact, I believe that with the right pair - it can go with any type of clothes. Just check the pics below. It doesn't matter if I wear work clothes, a semi casual jacket or with just a polo tee, the sunglasses helps to add style!

So you can say, that now, I'm pretty open to wearing sunglasses. In fact, I don't mind going sunglasses shopping.

Stay tuned to see more of my sunglasses collection! :D

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  1. I think you've rounded up my favorite too! I wear my ray-ban sunglasses all the time :)


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