Friday, November 30, 2012

I Love Stickygram!

Are you a fan of Instagram. Are you an #Instagrammer or #Iger? Are you an #Igaddict (like me)? Do you #Instadaily?

If you are and know the above terms, you might wanna know more bout Stickygram.

For its a tool/ platform where you can convert the beautiful Instagram photos you took into lovely little magnets.

In fact, I myself have done so earlier this year turning some of my most liked Instagram photos to magnets!

I must say that It was quite a nice experience, and you can say I was pretty excited throughout the process!

First off, was to select 9 of the best pictures that I wanted.. as that's how the template works - it comes in sets of 9.

Of course that didn't come easy. Well, the reason - I Instagram that much and 9 out of hundreds of Instapics is a tough choice. I eventually bought 3 sets of stickygrams (ie 27 lil magnets in total!).

The whole process is smooth - selection of pics, payment & keying in shipping address.

After doing all those, the only thing left was to wait for them magnets!!

And like a small boy waiting eagerly for Christmas to come, I was waiting in anticipation of my pre-ordered magnets! It's probably one of the letters that I've been waiting for a rather long time!

The magnets arrived in less than 2 weeks, and again made me excited! It's like getting a gift from Santa! Haha!

The magnets are cool - well after all, it comes with the pics I took! So that's really personalized.

I've kept most of the magnets but also given some away to families and friends - just as gifts.

And lets just say, our fridges & whiteboards are now a lil cooler! ;)

*I have the Stickygram promo code which you can use FRIEND30R9 for $2 off your order :) Happy Stickygram-ing!!

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