Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Bali Boutique Hotel: The Radiant Hotel And Spa

I love boutique hotels. They are usually small enough to be a lil more personal.. at times friendlier too. Yet big enough for comfort. Well the better ones usually are so anyway.

So while I was in Bali, I decided to stay in this boutique like resort.. The Radiant Hotel & Spa.

The hotel is rather strategically located at Tuban.. which is pretty near to Kuta and the Bali International Airport. And on times without the Bali now-famous jams, it is actually not too far from Seminyak either.

So location wise - it is pretty cool, though the hotel do not face the beach.. nor can you really walk to Kuta beach. But it's just about 10 minutes away.

Now what I like bout the hotel? The pool view rooms. A lil pricier, but swimming in the night just beside the room is something really plush. Especially so when the pool is quiet (it was when I went).. and for those moments, it did feel like a private pool! (And no, I didn't do anything silly then haha!!).

The rooms are - neat.

How was the room? Neat. Pretty clean and standard. It has the attached bathroom, side lamps, TV, and wifi. Personally it could have done better here.. to make it more resort like, or more grand.

Breakfasts was just nearby - at the restaurant. Food was again quite standard. The buffet breakfast was not bad though limited in choice. But then again, this is only a boutique hotel, so that's okay.

Owh I must mention that the hotel did work with other motorbike rental companies, and that's how I got to rent my bike. That came in handy.

Passed by this near the restaurant.. which is apparently famous in Bali!

The facilities that I did not try however - are the spa and the meeting rooms (they cater to that too).

Over all, I'd give this place a 7 out of 10. Worth a stay if you're not too picky - and if you want something that meets between luxury and budget. After all, Bali hotels are not cheap.

I enjoyed my birthday swim.. at the pool!!

Just my advise - get the pool view rooms. That truly makes a difference :)

*The Radiant Hotel And Spa Bali Contact:

Jl. Puri Grenceng 46 Tuban Bali - Indonesia
Phone : +62 361 9352106
Email :


  1. This is really a fantastic hotel providing some great facilities.

  2. A great initiative from you guys! We love the sharing of knowledge!

  3. Wow!!! The pool looks awesome. Feel like being in it..

  4. Wow!! I love to be here. Enjoyed a lot. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Sounds good, great pictures collections and seems good services and facilities there.

  6. I stayed at this hotel for 2 nights a few months ago. pleasant room. The hotel clerk was very friendly


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